EKOply Plastic Sheets

If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative to timber and plywood for a range of different uses, get in touch with our team. EKOply is an innovative new building material taking the market by storm.

Not only is it durable, waterproof and extremely versatile, but it is also made from 100% waste plastic, meaning that it is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. What’s more, it is economical, offering a cost-effective solution for many business owners. 

So, whether you are renovating a pub, restaurant or bar, need an alternative to marine plywood, work in construction or agriculture, this extremely diverse new product will be the ideal option.

Just get in touch for more information or to discuss buying EKOply.

EKOply 19mm

EKOply 19mm standard is constructed with a 2mm skin top and bottom, made from finely ground material. The core material is made up of coarsely ground material.

The weight of the 19mm Standard sheet is 33kg

EKOply 19mm
Ekoply Anti Slip

EKOply 19mm Anti-Slip

An anti-slip surface can be produced during the manufacture of both the 19mm and 12.5mm sheets.

The anti-slip mesh is integral to the top skin layer (one surface only). EKOply Anti-Slip 19mm is particularly popular in flooring and shelving applications.

The weight of the 19mm Anti-Slip sheet is 34kg.

EKOply 12.5mm

The 12.5mm EKOply is manufactured in the same way as our Standard 19mm, however the 12.5mm sheet has a more compact core.

The weight of the 12.5mm Standard Plus sheet is 25kg.

EKOply 12.5mm
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EKOply Coloured Sheets

EKOply Coloured sheets are available on a special-order basis for standard and anti-slip surface options.

Available in Green, White fleck and Blue.

Please note, due to the varied nature of recycled materials used, colours can vary significantly between batches.

Minimum order quantities and extended lead times apply.

Enquire with EKOply

For more information about EKOply and its wide range of uses, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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